Bring awareness. Preventing the danger.

​Even breathing on my own was a challenge because I had trachea surgery so a machine would keep my breathing. Because of my brain injury, my body has to relearn how to operate my now compromised left hand and foot. I lost about 2 years worth of memories prior to the car crash. I don't remember a lot precious memories such as my grad night. While I was in coma I was sent a letter acknowledging I was accepted to Grant McEwan, I should be going to school to pursue my life long dream, but now my life is on hold because I must do therapy to try and regain what I once had.

I have been in 4 hospitals for a total of 15 months. I still take therapies and likely will continue therapy for years if not a lifetime. I have been left with a lifetime injury. 

The driver that hit me pleaded guilty in court to the maximum charges. Not all facts were presented to court that day because the defendant pleaded guilty. However, he did plead guilty to Distracted and Careless driving. There are many forms of distraction. He was sentenced to the maximum. A $2000 fine and 6 demerits on his licence.
Statistics are showing that distracted driving is causing more collisions than impaired driving. Times have changed. Technologies have changed. It is time for our laws to keep up with our technology!
This could happen to your mother, father, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, child, or spouse. It could happen to you, IT HAPPENED TO ME!!!!
​The man that hit me still drives. So help me help you. I have had a petition drawn up. That will be read in the legislature. Me and you, need to protect our roads. Distracted Driving needs to have demerits, and careless driving that hurts someone, should have their licence suspended at the discretion of a judge.

This was me the next Day- 

I was unconscious at the scene. I would spend the next 34 days in coma. I suffered what is called a Diffused Axional Brain Injury. Like "shaken baby," the axonal cables in my brain were sheared from going from fast to suddenly stopping. I also suffered a Broken Jaw in two places, and cracked pelvis and tailbone. After I woke up from coma, I had to relearn how to do everything...

MARCH 15, 2013

I was the passenger in this stalled vehicle on the Yellowhead Trail. A distracted driver in a seperate car hit our vehicle from behind sending my door in the path of this semi. I was crumped in the vehicle so far that the paramedics didn't even notice me at first. It took the Fire Department and Paramedics 25 minutes to rescue me from. The fire department called it a difficult extraction...

Renaye Wade

This was me, June of 2012. I graduated, was upgrading to go to Grant MacEwan College to begin my journey to become a lawyer. I worked part time as an assistant manager at McDonalds. And I love to danced in my spare time.